The Final Media Project is designed to demonstrate your understanding of how to create a mediated message with a specific purpose. Constructing mediated messages is a process that involves having knowledge of the issue that exists and knowing the characteristics of those you wish to reach with your message. For this project, you will use the issue that you chose in Week One to create a mediated message for an audience of your choice. You will be required to place the messages in several platforms, consider the intended impact of the message on the audience, and also contemplate the impact of the message on the unintended audience.

You must create your project using Microsoft PowerPoint. View the JRN101 Final Project Overview for more information on creating your presentation.

For the Final Media Project, you must:

  • Identify a national or international political, social, or economic issue.
  • Discuss the presentation of the issue in current media systems and the issues associated with the message.
  • Identify the target audience the mediated message you intend to create about the issue.
  • Choose one mainstream and two social media outlets for which the message will appear and discuss the rationale for choosing each media outlet.
  • Create a message for a real-world, mainstream media outlet (i.e., television, newspaper, radio).
  • Create an initial message for two types of social media that will be used to further the mediated message.
  • Adhere to the Final Media Project Template in the presentation and narration of the project.

The Final Media Project must:

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