At the end of this assignment, the student will be able to

  1. Describe a conflict he or she experienced.
  2. Analyze his or her options in the conflict situation.



  1. Write out the narrative of the conflict as if you were telling it to another person. After telling the story, analyze the conflict using the questions in II – V.
  2. Background of the conflict

A.What set off the conflict?

B.Explain the conflict from your perspective

C.Explain the conflict from the other person’s perspective

D.What kinds of feelings does the conflict arouse in you?

  1. To whom does this conflict seem apparent?
  2. Who will be the first to notice if this conflict is resolved in some way.

G.Who else will notice?

III. Analyzing the situation

A.What kind of relationship do you have with the other person?

B.Who are interested parties to the conflict? Who else has a stake in the way this

conflict will be resolved??C. How has the situation that gave rise to the conflict been altered as a result of the

conflict occurring? That is, has your relationship with the other person changed? Has trust decreased? Have power relations shifted??Analyze your choices

A.What is your goal the conflict?

B.What can you do to achieve your goals?

C.How do you think the other person will respond to your goal-seeking behavior?

D.What is the very least you need from the other person in order to say that the ?conflict is over?

  1. What kind of person will you be if you achieve your goals?
  2. What kind of relationship will you have with the other person if you achieve your ?goal?

G.Do you want to be the kind of person or have the kind of relationship that is ?likely to result from achieving your goal in the conflict situation?

  1. Plan

A.How could you bring the conflict up to the other person (assuming you haven’t done so already)?

B.What do you think the other person would say about the conflict if s/he was initiating it?

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