?      Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability”

  • You will need to find 2 – 4 additional sources [Brene Brown counts as one of your sources from the required 3 – 5]. Consider researching other sources from Brene Brown to get a sense of her scholarship and background, sources from the disciplines of Psychology or Sociology, and/or sources that speak to the topic of vulnerability.


Your rhetorical analysis should include the following:

  • Explain the text’s Rhetorical Situation
  • A thesis that argues the most important rhetorical features of Brown’s talk
  • Describe and analyze the choices made by Brown
    • You might need to do a bit of background research to get to know Brene Brown – build ethos and cite your sources
    • Choices, in this sense, refer to the rhetorical moves made by Brown
  • Describe and analyze the effects of Brown’s choices – what is the outcome given the rhetorical situation?
  • A conclusion that pulls the analysis together and solidifies the claim of your thesis


Remember, the writing you do in this class is considered public writing. Therefore, the audience for your rhetorical analysis paper is a knowledgeable stakeholder or educated member of your discourse community


The purpose of this assignment is to:

  • Analyze the rhetorical situation and how the author makes an appeal to one or more of the rhetorical appeals.
  • Articulate and develop a critical and analytical perspective in writing.
  • Develop strategies for critically engaging information and develop it in writing as evidence for arguments.
  • Study a speech in relation to articulating human values, cultural perspectives, or interdisciplinary understanding.

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