1. Describe and give examples of the various ways that heat can be transported in the atmosphere.
  1. What causes air pressure?  Is there air pressure on the moon?
  1. What are the principal gaseous components of the earth’s atmosphere? Where do scientists believe these gases came from?
  1. Many people will blow on a bowl of hot soup to try to cool it. In your view, what are the two most important heat transport processes cooling the soup?
  1. Imagine that the temperature of the sun was to change. Describe or discuss some of the effects that this might have on the earth’s energy budget and the earth’s climate.  How might it affect the weather where you live?
  1. The pressure announced on last night’s television weather broadcast was 29.92. Explain how this was measured and give the units.  Would this be considered an unusually large or low pressure value?
  1. If the earth did not rotate, how would you expect winds to blow with respect to high and low pressure centers?

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