psychology homework

1. Describe behaviorism and how it differed and was similar to the approaches before and after it.2.  Give specific, original examples of behavior that any three of the subfields of psychology study.3.  For one of the behaviors you described above, describe how any two of the current perspectiveswould approach its study (Table 1.1).4. For one of the behaviors you described above, explain how biological, social and psychologicalfactors influence that behavior, and how these factors interact with each other (see fig. 1.1).5. Give an example from personal experience of an illusory correlation, hindsight bias and/oroverconfidence regarding yourself or other people.  How might a more scientific attitude help you avoidsuch errors?6. Provide an original example of the scientific method applied to a behavior of interest to you (Seefigure 1.2).  Indicate the theory, hypothesis, operational definitions, and replications involved in yourapplication.7. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the following: Case Study, Naturalistic Observation,Survey, Correlational study (See table 1.2)8. Describe the difference between random selection and random assignment, and their differentpurposes?

*9. Give examples of a positive correlation and a negative correlation.  Explain why we can’t infer

causation based on correlation (See Figure 1.4).  For one of the correlations you described, indicate howone variable causes the other, and how a third variable might explain the correlation.  

* 10.  Describe an original experiment based on one of the correlations above that would test if one

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