Read Strategic Interaction and the Determination of Environmental Policy across U.S. States and The Effects of Environmental Fiscal Reform in Germany: A Simulation Study. Categorize the authors’ assumptions addressing different environmental issues. Explain why these assumptions reflect econometric methodology or modeling technique used in the analysis. Address the following critical elements in your paper:

  • Review Econometric Methods: Explain the econometric methods used in environmental analysis, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses; categorize them based on assumptions and applicability.
  • Econometric Method Analysis: Describe how an analysis starts by analyzing the assumptions and the implementation of an econometric method in an environmental analysis case. Focus on how the choice of the econometric method can alter the outcome.
  • Econometric Method Choice Criteria: Describe the focus of the environmental issue in question and how the best econometric method can be chosen to address the desire aspect. Also describe the relevance of the method based on its assumptions, performance, and applicability.
  • Conclusion: Explain how an econometric method is chosen, how it is implemented, and the outcome. Also advocate its use in relation to the top

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