reading : Zinn Ch 17 –

  1. Describe how the Cold War was fought by each superpower. Analyze the policy of containment and explain the domino theory. Be sure to discuss how both the United States and the Soviet Union believed that their social system was firmly based on principles of freedom and social justice.
  2. The Cold War impacted every aspect of American life. Discuss the domestic implications of the Cold War. Your essay should explain how the Cold War affected higher education, the economy, immigration policy, civil rights, and civil liberties.
  3. Evaluate Harry Truman’s domestic policies. Which parts of it reflected the New Deal? Why was it so difficult to implement? How did it expand freedom for Americans? How did it restrict freedom?
  4. Fully discuss and examine the limitations placed on freedom during the Cold War. Then compare those circumstances with those during the Red Scare after World War I. What was the same? What was different? Were restrictions on civil liberties justified in both cases? Why, or why not? How did Americans react in each era?
  5. Consider the 1948 presidential election and write an essay on the various political parties, campaign issues, and the election itself, demonstrating how the election was an illustration of society’s dreams and fears for postwar America.
  6. How would to compare and contrast the views on Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X concerning the civil-rights movement? How did each want to achieve his goals? Did they have the same goals? In your opinion, which was more effective? Explain.
  7. Several of the documents discuss the fact that blacks could not and would not vote. Why do you think it was made so hard for African Americans to vote? Why do you think many chose not to attempt to register? Why do you think the movement focused on registering blacks? What is the power in voting? Are there any limits to this power?

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