As you have learned, there are four different types of customer service; the freezer, the factory, the friendly zoo, and quality customer service.  This week, you will build on what you learned in last week’s readings and combine it with new information from this week’s readings.

For this essay, using APA format, you will be using past personal experiences, which don’t necessarily have to have occurred within the hospitality industry.

Describe one scenario in which you experienced each of the following types of customer service: The Freezer, The Factory, and The Friendly Zoo. Explain what happened, where, and why it fits into that type of particular customer service.

Next, using the six steps to providing quality customer service, applying both personal and procedural perspectives, describe how each of these scenarios could have been handled differently in order to come in line with a Quality Customer Service experience. Explain which would be the better choice, personal or procedural, for each situation, and why.

Develop each scenario completely before moving onto the next situation.

Your submission should be in APA format, with an appropriately formatted title page and reference page. An abstract should not be included

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