Critical Analysis  Critical analyses must be a maximum of three pages in length;  You will identify the problem or opportunity and discuss a viable solution based on your analysis of the case.  The general structure of all critical analyses:

1.  Describe the business situation, including the macro-environmental and micro-environmental conditions facing the organization.

2.  Develop the problem statement: the opportunity or threat facing the organization.

3.  What alternative strategies and programs would you consider to deal with the opportunity or threat to the organization?  Present each alternative in sufficient detail to give the reader an idea of why it may be beneficial.

4.  Recommend one or more of the alternatives you have identified.  Inform the reader of your reasons for these recommendations.

5.  Describe tracking metrics to determine whether your recommended strategies and programs are effective.  Be sure to include both intermediate metrics and conclusive metrics to guide management’s redirection of ineffective strategies.

6.  Summarize what you have learned from your critical analysis.

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