Visit the IRIS Learning Center website to complete the module titled Fidelity of Implementation: Selecting and Implementing Evidence-Based Programs and Practices. Within the module, click the “Navigating an IRIS Module” located on the right side of the webpage. Follow the directions to complete each section of the learning module. For your assignment you will complete a three- to four-page paper, not including the title and reference pages and properly formatted by APA standards. The following topics must be addressed in your paper:

    1. Describe the characteristics of an evidence-based program.  Identify the resources you would consult during this process.
    1. Develop a rubric in table format that could be used as a tool in determining the compatibility of a reading program to a district/school’s needs and include it in your paper.
    1. Describe the concept of fidelity of implementation and analyze the challenges that can impede sustainability of that implementation.
  1. Imagine that you are a reading specialist conferencing with a teacher, Mrs. Zucker, who is implementing a new reading program. Although she agrees with the philosophy and methods of the program, Mrs. Zucker is having difficulty implementing the program with fidelity. Examine two challenges Mrs. Zucker may be facing and offer two strategies to help promote sustainability with her use of the new reading program.

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