Project:  This is an introduction to some of the various components of planning a project. You will select one project from the list below, and complete the deliverables for that project.


     Paper – brief project write up to include all noted deliverables below, and any supplementary documentation needed to ensure each plan component is complete and executable. (8-12 page, times, douple space, APA style)

Presentation – Power Point or Prezi presentation about your project and key points from the required deliverables. Supporting handouts, white papers, charts and spreadsheets necessary to support any aspect of the project plan can also be incorporated.


  • Scope plan and WBS (to 3rd level)
  • Communications plan
  • H/R Plan
  • Stakeholder Matrix
  • Names, attitude, BRD traceability, position, influence

Assignment notes:


  • This assignment is from the standpoint of you being hired as a project manager. You are to select a project from the list of choices. You are to craft portions of a project plan that could be used to carry out and execute the project you selected.  All 10 PM Knowledge areas may need to be reviewed or referenced, but the project is just covering 4 of the 10 Knowledge areas (scope, Communications, H/R, and Stakeholders). Those areas relate to the subjects of the course.
  • Describe the company, project, resources and some of the challenges behind the project in the opening presentation & summary to familiarize the “sponsor” with what you are going to present.
  • You may want to visit a business (restaurant, distribution center, commercial business, etc..) to get some ideas and context for your project.
  • Photos, graphs, and other supporting material may be used as appropriate or required
  • Comparisons to competitors, or similar projects is encouraged as long as it supports the point you are trying to make or emphasize
  • Tie-in as much course content as you are able {i.e., stuff from the course books, PMBOK:  A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) This will certainly be a focal point for grading, so clear and accurate delivery is critical.

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