Important: (General Guidance)

• Report your findings using APA style/format (as you did in Assignment #2). The questions below should guide you. You are to analyze the data using Descriptive Statistics AND the appropriate statistical test needed – based on the question.

• Be sure you include: o a brief introduction o a descriptive analysis o a statistical analysis allowing you to answer the question, directly. o outcomes (with appropriate tables and graphs), and a summary

Questions (Use to guide you in writing up results for all three parts of the assignment. Remember: APA Style Report format)

1. Describe the data (descriptives at least one graph/chart per problem)

2. What statistic(s) did you use? Why?

3. Based on the results of your statistical analysis, summarize and interpret your findings.

Question 1: Paint Hardness A chemical engineer wants to compare the hardness of four blends of paint. Six samples of each paint blend were applied to a piece of metal, which was then cured. Then each sample was measured for hardness.

Question 2: Contact Lens Cleaner Data An engineer for a vision care company tests a new cleaning solution for contact lenses. The engineer wants to verify that the new solution cleans lenses as well as the leading brand. The engineer has 14 participants wear contact lenses for a day, and then clean the lenses. Each participant cleans one lens in the new solution and the other lens in the leading brand. The engineer assesses the cleanliness of each lens by measuring the angle of contact for a drop of fluid on the lens. The angle of contact is affected by film or deposits on the lens. To be equivalent, the mean angle for the new solution should be within ±0.5 degrees of the mean angle of the leading brand.

Question 3: Aluminum Properties Data An engineer at an aluminum castings plant assesses the relationship between the hydrogen content and the porosity of aluminum alloy castings. The engineer collects a random sample of 14 castings and measures the following properties of each casting: hydrogen content, porosity, and strength.

This assignment should not be longer than five 1.5 spaced pages 12point. Be direct in your writing

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