Short answers question:

  • Describe the differences between human resource management in a domestic setting and an international setting, and explain the three phases of human resources planning.

2- Describe the issues involved in the decision of how a company acquires raw materials and fixed assets.

3- Explain why a person’s ability to bridge cultural differences must be considered during “selection” for international assignments. How can eTraining help in bridging cultural differences?

4- Differentiate between the three types of staffing policies used by international companies. What are the advantages of each?

5 Discuss why companies strive toward quality improvement and the two methods of doing so.

6- Explain the process of facilities location planning. What issues must companies consider while selecting the location for their production facilities?

7- Explain the concept of capital structure as it applies to a company with international operations..

8- Briefly explain how companies compensate managers in international markets.

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