Reading Assignment

           Read Chapter  9, System Safety chapters 10, Managing the Safety Function, and Chapter 11, Psychology and Safety, and review Power-point slides for those chapters “ ”


           Chapter 9 presents a proactive approach to system safety. The safety professional should make every effort to understand the concepts of systems safety as noted in this chapter because the days of allowing an individual to find the problem is no longer acceptable. Chapter 10 discusses the importance of enlisting support, not only from resources but also from commitment to holding all members of the management team responsible and accountable for safety in their own operations. Chapter 11 reviews the theories of motivation. Job enrichment and employee empowerment are discussed as methods to increase employee buy-in to the safety process.


  • Describe the different elements that compose system safety.
  • Explain the development of system safety into a discipline.
  • Describe the importance of system safety today.
  • Identify the elements of the system life cycle.
  • Explain how a system safety program is managed.
  • List the different tools and techniques in the analysis of system safety.
  • Explain the functions of management and how they relate to the job of safety.
  • Identify the purpose of line and staff and the difference between the two.
  • Differentiate between audits and inspections.
  • Identify the role of safety in the staffing process.
  • Explain the OSHA guidelines for safety management.
  • Define the terminology associated with the study of psychology.
  • Explain the concepts associated with motivation and safety.
  • Differentiate between Behavioral and Goal-directed theories of motivation.
  • Explain the principles associated with behavior modification and safety.
  • Describe the importance of establishing a positive safety culture.
  • Identify the pitfalls inherent in safety incentive programs.
  • Describe the benefits of employer empowerment and job enrichment.

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