2.5  Describe the key features of AIS software chosen (approx. 2-3 pp). Obtain a copy of the chosen AIS software brochure. Read the comments about the accounting software in the brochure in respect to those modules that the group has chosen to report on. Identify and describe the key elements and features that apply to each of the subsystems under review. Describe the minimum and suggested computer and network hardware and software that might be used and interfaces with other systems (from which it receives data or sends data). Include such details as hardware brand (e.g., IBM, Compaq), processor (80486, Pentium, etc.), operating system (e.g. Windows 7, Mac OS — include version numbers), database software (e.g. Access, Paradox, Oracle), network description (LAN, WAN, or both), and network software used (e.g. Novell). Describe the likely contractual relationship with the software vendor in respect to the AIS software chosen

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