What are the most important contributions of e-business to overall supply chain performance? How does e-business support an organization’s global SCM initiatives? Do e-business activities increase or decrease the return on investment of an organization? Explain your answer.

1a)  Describe the major themes underlying the study of e-commerce. (75 word min)


1b) Identify the major academic disciplines contributing to e-commerce. (75 word min)


What are the three different types of e-business customers? How would your e-business strategy change depending on the type of customer you have? How might dealing with different types of e-business customers at the same time affect the e-business strategy of an organization?

2a) Explain the objectives of private industrial networks, their role in supporting collaborative commerce, and the barriers to their implementation. (75 word min)

2b) Understand the different characteristics and types of Net marketplaces. (75 word min)

Explain the loss of merchandise in a retail store through theft or damage. What are the different types? Please explain. (75 word min)

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