Title: Apple Incorporation

  1. Organization Background
  1. History
  2. Strategic Direction (see chapter nine)
  3. Mission Statement
  • Please comment on how the organization’s mission statement reflects their strategic direction.
  1. External Environmental Assessment
  2. Economic
  3. Demographic
  4. Socio-Cultural
  5. Technological
  6. Political/Legal
  7. Global
  • Each of these forces that are outside the organization and require management to react. Comment on trends in each force and whether they affect the company’s performance.

vTitle and Reference Page; Font: Times New Roman; Font Size: 12

vYou need to write a minimum of one paragraph for each sub-section of the outline. Double Spaced.

vYou do need to use all the numbering system, lettering, and headers/sub-headers from the outline to organize the entire paper. Copy and paste the framework, then write your content in paragraph form in each section, citing yo

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