Perform research to locate a data warehouse system that has been applied to the health care, electronic commerce, or insurance industries and has been successfully developed and deployed to successfully produce actionable business intelligence. 

Write a case study paper that describes:

1.      The architecture of this data warehouse

2.      The source input systems

3.      ETL processing that is required

4.      The types of output reporting

5.      The types of users 

Be sure to also discuss the unique challenges that were encountered for this data warehouse project and how they were overcome. Describe the success/outcome of this data warehouse application and any future expansion plans for the system.

Your paper should be 3-to 5-pages in length, organized and well-written in conformity with APA Requirements

In support of your response, cite and integrate at least three credible outside sources. Place these in a reference page formatted in accordance with APA style. This reference page does not count toward the total page requirement.

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