1.Write an introduction paragraph

2.Describe the top two things that cause stress in YOUR life. Tell why these are difficult for you.

a.Example: spending time with my parents and grandparents because I am so busy with work and my children’s activities.

3.Describe how you manage stress or difficult problems in your life.

a.Example: I try to combine time with my parents with my children’s activities by inviting them to attend the activities. I also sometimes explain I cannot see them this week because of my daughter’s soccer practice or other activities

4.How will you manage stress here at College- away from your family in a new place? What resources are available? Will you speak to your family often? Do you confide in friends? Or other ways Mrs. spoke bout in class.  What will you do to stay healthy?

5.Closing paragraph. Please do not just repeat the introduction. Try to finish with some new thoughts too.

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