Write an research essay on:

Describe the transformation of Public Housing in Singapore.

-Why is there a need to transform the Public housing?

-What’s the difference between pinnacle and old public housing? ( Compare materials, pricing, size, design)

-Background of Pinnacle (Site location, pricing, size of units, how many stories, as detailed as possible)

-Background of HDB in Singapore.

-HDB using the same standardisation but create some innovative idea to attract attention and to meet the needs.

-Modern age, lifestyle and stylish, olden normal public housing too common and boring.

-Pinnacle to meet the lifestyle needs and attract attention worldwide

– Constructed a new image of public housing where private luxurious development promises the same.

-selling point of pinnacle (location, the design, the sky bridges)

– The most expensive public apartment, the HDB aims to target the working class within the public as well as the elite class.

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