1. Define the specialization/concentration of your field.
  2. Describe the word ACRONYMS and list the acronym for your expected degree. e.g. CONS for Construction Technology
  3. Study the want ads (for this week) in the classified section of the Houston Chronicle andthe current monthly listing of positions available in a professional MAGAZINE OF YOUR FIELD. Find and transcribe three (3) each job descriptions from each source.
  4. Analyze two samples of technically written Documents: Each student is to select two samples of technically written documents that he/she can understand but that most non-specialists (persons outside the field) would not.
  5. Document one must have words that are used and then defined or explained later in the paragraph – show two instances where that occurs (documents must be copied and submitted with designations).
  1. Document two must again be relative to your field. In non-specialist terms, write a statememt in which you discuss the characteristics of the document – attach document.

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