One of the most common exceptionalities you may encounter as an educator is a Learning Disability.  It is not always possible to be well versed on each exceptionality that you may encounter so it is important to rely on resources that can be accessed in a time of need.  For this discussion, you may choose 1 of the following topics to write about.

Choice 1:  The Learning Disabilities Association of America is a great resource for both parents and educators on Learning Disabilities.  Review the section of the website for Educators and discuss the tips provided for one of the specific learning disabilities.  Provide a brief description of the disorder itself and the suggested strategies for working with this disorder.  Comment on the strategies suggested and how they can be implemented into the classroom.  Use the link to get you to the website.

Choice 2:  Response to Intervention (RTI) is a strategy that is often used to help children with learning disabilities.  Find a web resource that discusses RTI.  Describe what RTI is and how it is used to help children in the classroom.  Give your opinion of this strategy in working with children with Learning Disabilities.  Be sure to include a link to your website in your post.

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