Please respond to two (2) of the following items.

The choices are up to you! There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, per se. It is important, however, that you make at least one reference to your assigned reading for this week and/or slide show lecture.

In addition to your posting, you must also respond to two (2) other students’ postings. It is important that all of your work is posted in clear and thoughtful ways with concern for respect, spelling, and grammar along with content and timeliness.

(Please Note: Although you are only required to post your answers to two of the following questions, along with your responses to two students’ responses, being familiar with assigned class textbook readings, slides, and handouts, as well as being prepared to where you can answer all of the below-listed questions, will help prepare you for the final exam.)

The list of items to choose from is as follows:

The author of our text purports that the key to producing better outcomes in public disputes is to seek consensus. Do you agree or disagree and why?

According to the author the labor management scene is often contentious. Why do you suppose this is and what can be done to reduce the contentiousness?

Describe your understanding of the concept of mutual gain and suggestions on how one might go about achieving it in a highly contentious labor management environment?


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