I need help with my Organizational behavior homework. I need 5 pages describing a personal story about that has to do with social behavior and relate it with things that we learned in class. You can come up with any story, as long as you can convince my professor that the story had happened with me (Just a regulaer college kid, maybe a summer trip?). Examples of things that you can relate with what we learned in class is: Specific cultural issues, such as Individualism, Colectivism, Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Mascunility, Long Term Values, Short Term Values. I will paste here the assignment guideline according to what my professor gave to us. There’s NO WORK REFERENCE. Just come up with the story and do what she asks you to do according to this(PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

Thank You!!

Personal Application Assignment Guidelines

Bus 367:  Behavior in Organizations


Personal application assignments (PAA’s) are intended to allow students to apply the concepts and theories discussed in class to a relevant personal experience. You are asked to examine a situation that you are familiar with in light of the assigned topic.

Limit your analysis to 5 pages in length.

  1. Concrete Experience

Briefly describe what happened in the experience.  A description of the events is sufficient- keep in mind the topic that the situation is to address when choosing aspects of the experience to describe.

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