You take the role of marketing researchers working for a national market research agency. The Marketing & Recruitment Department of the University of Wolverhampton is one of the main clients and recently has contacted your agency for a survey on aspects of students learning and academic development. As a small team of marketing researchers, you have been given the task of design and carry out a small-scale market research survey project on views and perceptions of students and their experiences of university education. It is expected that the findings from your research will have the potential to contribute to the University’s understanding and insight into students’ experience and to carry forward into shaping the future steps that will be taken to sustain and further develop ‘The Wolverhampton Experience’.
Steps, sub-tasks and staged timescale:

Step 1

Prepare a concise proposal for a small-scale, achievable market research survey project focused on the above brief. You will collect any relevant secondary sources available to start with, but the project must be based primarily on market research questionnaire survey method.
Step 2

Identify your sample population, develop your research instrument(s), confirm arrangements for the data collection period, and outline how the data will be collated and analysed.

Step 3

Design your questionnaire; structuring, wording, question format, scale questions, style, etc.

Step 4

Carry out the primary fieldwork, distribute to, and collect the questionnaires from,
Step 5

conduct the necessary analysis of the data and present a written market research report, supported by a copy of the questionnaire and other supplements.

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