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Module 1 Discussion Question:

Determine what energy sources are providing energy in your state with their percentage contributions. Cite two URLs, at least one of which must be a government site (state or federal). Data must be no older than 1 year. How much of this total is fossil fuel? What renewable energy source(s) have best potential in your state to reduce fossil fuel demand? Explain.


Your answer to the Discussion question should be a substantial posting around 100 words or more (typically 7-10 sentences) submitted in each week before Thursday night at midnight. Take some time to craft your answer showing your thought process and providing support for your ideas. If you feel a certain way about a topic tell us how you arrived at this perspective.

In addition to your main answer you will post responses to at least two classmates, continuing the discussion with follow up, feedback, and/or additional material. If you disagree with a comment, please explain your reasoning and support your thoughts. Always be mindful of netiquette (see this discussion topic under Discussion Guidelines in “Course Home” and in doc sharing) and ensure that your posts to classmates are at least 75 words in content. Part of your grade is participation – dig deep and show substance!

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