Whether you have wanted to be a teacher your entire life or you have just recently discovered your passion for teaching young children, you are here for a reason. Why did you choose to teach young children? Many early childhood professionals see their work as a vocation, or a personal mission or calling.

Feeney (2012) defines professionals as specialized experts who provide a service that is considered critical to the overall well-being of society. Professionals are expected to be competent, dedicated to service, and act in a manner that benefits those they serve. Professionals exhibit values of “caring, compassion, empathy, respect for others, and trustworthiness” (p. 11).

Develop a professional mission paper articulating your role in the lives of young children. In 3-4 pages (double-spaced), address the following:

Why do you work (or want to work) with young children?

What characteristics should an early childhood professional embody? Explain.

How do you strive to be an early childhood professional?

What is your goal or mission as you work with young children?

How do/will you advocate for children in this role?

How does your goal or mission align with your spiritual faith or life values?

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