Short answers question:

1- Differentiate between worldwide and dual pricing. Which one of these is more difficult to achieve and why?

2- What are the different financing methods available to exporters and importers?

3- Identify the strategic factors that influence a company’s international entry mode selection. Explain any three of them.

4- What are the advantages of pursuing a wholly owned subsidiary as an entry strategy?

5 -Briefly discuss the effects of globalization on international marketing activities and explain how a dual adaption method works as a promotional strategy.

6- Explain the primary concerns of managers when establishing distribution policies.

7- Describe any four factors that affect international product strategies.

8- Explain franchising with examples. Mention the advantages and disadvantages associated with franchising. How is franchising different from licensing?

Module Discussion

Discuss any of the four factors that affect international product strategies. (one paragraph or two)


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