Please watch the video on cash flow listed as Unit 7 Assignment found in the Webliography tab before starting your assigned paper.

This is a two part written project that will focus on the financial aspects of your start up business. This project also includes the use of Excel spreadsheets containing financial data and required reports.


Part 1:

In three to four pages, using Microsoft Word, along with accompanying Excel spreadsheet data, address the following areas:

  • Discuss and show the cost associated with starting your company and show a pricing model for your products or services (create a table in Excel).
  • Create income statements and balance sheets for three years using Excel spreadsheets.
  • Create a break-even analysis (create in Excel).

Use Microsoft Word to create a financial summary containing needed start-up funds and how you will obtain the start-up funds, pricing model, and summarize your financial spreadsheet data. Develop a detailed Excel spreadsheet for the financial data (use separate worksheets in Excel for more organization).


Part 2:

In three pages using Microsoft Word address the flowing areas:

  • Identify the components needed in cash flow statements.
  • Explain the benefits of cash-flow analysis and any problems that could arise if it is not conducted.
  • Last, use Excel or other spreadsheet software to create cash flow statements for three years. Please include this information in your Part 1 Excel file.

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