Write a 2-4 page essay (typed in Word size 12 font double spaced) on one of the following topics:

1.) Aquinas on the Self evidence of God and the provability of God. Does Aquinas consider the existence of God self-evident? why or why not? is the existence of God provable for Aquinas? why or why not?

2.) Aquinas’ Five Ways of proving the existence of God; select two of the five ways that Aquinas provides for demonstrating the existence of God; are they convincing or not?

3.) In ST I,2,3 (our text p. 468) the objector provides two arguments why God doesn’t exist; what are Aquinas’ responses to these objections? are they persuasive? why or why not?

4.)Compare and contrast Maimonides and Aquinas on the divine nature and the way names are predicable to God( the names of God)

5.)Discuss Aquinas on the natural law

6.) Discuss Maimonides’ conception of creation and prophecy. (see Leaman pages 77-94 for background).

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