Question 1

William Penn, English religious leader, wrote: “Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly; for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood“(Penn, 1909). Evaluate his statement in regard to what you’ve learned about communicating effectively. 

Question 2

Rewrite the following passage in an effort to achieve conciseness. Your corrections should address voice as well as language rules.

The highly pressured nature of critical-care nursing is due to the fact that the patients have life-threatening illnesses. Critical-care nurses must have possession of steady nerves to care for patients who are critically ill and very sick. The nurses must also have possession of interpersonal skills. They must also have medical skills. It is considered by most health-care professionals that these nurses are essential if there is to be improvement of patients who are now in critical care from that status to the status of intermediate care.

Along with your rewritten passage, provide a summary paragraph justifying the changes that you made. 

Question 3

Discuss how the proliferation of social media has changed leader communications. How have audiences been impacted by this new technology? 

Question 4

Compare and contrast the following two paragraphs taking into consideration the writer’s style and tone:

Regarding the prices of our products, respondents to our recent survey were negative. One third of them stated that if they could buy from another supplier, they would.

Clearly we are making enemies with our high prices. Many customers can’t stand it. An astonishing one third of the respondents to our recent survey would leave us if they could only find another supplier. 

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