To give you idea about my topic and subject of my master degree, so you can chose the right writer to help me.
My subject in master is Urban Design and the topic of the dissertation is about public art both are related as the public spaces is an important element in urban design I will explain more;
My dissertation topic is about public art and the Q: is, how to enhance sensory richness in public art in Jeddah?
I need the writer starts with me the dissertation step by step and I will give the writer the feedback I got from my supervisor
The first chapter is introduction about the dissertation topic, literature review about public art with some examples of public art which has sensory experience for people to be part of it and enjoy it by hearing, touching, smelling, or sighting. Then talk about Jeddah life style, how its been changing, climate and the monumental public art there. For now,
I will meet my supervisor soon and see if there is any feedback about that then will let the writer know. Also by each week the writer should update me and send me what have he/she done so I can show and discus it with my supervisor. Please what I need also a writer who is active t to text me and update me. Also the Reference does not account with the word.

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