This letter should address the following:


This letter should address the following:

1) what a learning center is (Physically…what can it look like?  What is in it?)

2) the kinds of learning centers that can be in the classroom (you can target a specific grade level if you want)

3) how various subjects are integrated in relevant, meaningful ways (what are they?)

4) how this learning transfers into real life situations

5) how autonomy, openness, problem-solving, and integrity play a part of LCA’s

6) what role the teacher plays in LCA’s

7) what research has influenced your decisions to have learning centers as a part of your day (at least 2-3 theorists should support your thoughts)

8) how LCA’s, if planned correctly, encourage thinking on all levels (Blooms) [careful not to give too much information here]

9) the importance of movement for young children

10) how you plan using PreK Guidelines, TEKS, DAP

11) how you use the assessed needs to help plan for centers that will provide optimal learning on all levels, thus creating successes for every student, challenging all, and incorporating all learning styles

12) how you will encourage parents to come to your room and experience the joy of learning in a risk free environment that allows children to be children and learn cooperatively while interacting with all their senses

13) possibly a list of items you know you will need to use in learning centers that parents may begin sending to school (eg. scarves, old keys, beanbags, chairs, ties, dress-up clothes)

*Remember, parents are the best place to get ‘stuff’ for your room!

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