SDS Information and LD50 Values

Class Assignment-Research Project

ATSDR Assigned Chemical

Assignment 11

Toxicological chemistry values are critical when dealing with health and safety issues in Industrial Safety.  Your assignment is to answer the questions listed below for your assigned chemical.  I also want you to identify and discuss the LD50 value for your chemical.  Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length,   typed in your own words using Arial 12 pt. and submitted to me at the end of class.  This information needs to be included in your term paper research project.

Things to identify include:

1)         What is the name of your chemical and what is was used for?

2)         Acute effects including target organs?

3)         Chronic effects including target organs?

4)         Common uses, exposure limits, required personal protective equipment, and what industries use this chemical?

5)         Protocols for industrial hygiene sampling and sample analysis?

6)         Discuss LD50 value

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