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The Impacts of Discrimination and Racism of the Quality of Health Services Provision
Discrimination in the health care set up refers to the unfair and irrational treatment of various categories of individuals and practitioners on grounds of age, race, and sex. The extreme cases of discrimination extend to the patients thus lowering the overall quality of services received thereby leading to deliberate deaths that are avoidable. Discrimination also manifests at the hiring where more qualified practitioners face discrimination based on their races leading to the hiring of less qualified practitioners who are not competent. The paper herein is a proposal to investigate the relationship and state of health care discrimination and America and its link to the quality of services offered.
Problem Statement
Discrimination in the workplace leads to neglect of patients by their discriminated attendants in cases of intensive monitor conditions. Such patients may end up dying. The cause of such deliberate deaths that is avoidable makes the issue critical as the state loses its human resource significant for the economic growth (Yu, Zhang, & Chan, 2016).
The compromised quality of service provision because of discrimination demands quicker efforts to help restore and ensure high- quality service delivery within health care set- ups in America. The amendments will also minimize the associated deaths that deprive the state of vital human resources.
To determine the exact link existing between discrimination and the quality of service delivery
To recommend on the various means to eliminate discrimination in healthcare set ups
Discrimination reduces the quality of health services delivery.
Literature Review
Shavers et al. (2012) report lower quality of health service provision as attributing to discrimination within the health care set up. The lowered service is a concern that compromises Americas aim to boost the quality of the health care sector.
Hausmann et al. (2013) cite racial minority victims as the principal victims of health service provision than their white counterparts. The assertion links to a higher probability the racial minority dying than the white. The state must change to realize equitable health service provision to all the American citizens.
The research shall rely on interview as the primary source of the vital data. The research shall also review literatures from recently scholarly articles and journal for the data vital for the research.

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