provided and submit your answer in a substantive* thread of 250–350 words, citing at least 2 approved sources using current APA formatting. Approved sources include the course textbook (as one of your sources) and a full-text, peer-reviewed article retrieved from Liberty University’s online journal database (as your second source). No general Internet searching is acceptable. Therefore, blogs, education sites, commercial sites, Wikipedia,, editorials, abstracts, online books, or book reviews are not acceptable for this assignment.

*Note: Substantive, in this instance, means completely answering the question and providing support with your use of authoritative sources.

The last portion of your thread must include a complete reference list properly formatted according to current APA format. The reference list does not contribute to your word count. You are also required to include the persistent link to this record/permalink within your reference list for any journal articles used. Within EbscoHost, you will find the “Persistent link to this Record/Permalink” on the page of the journal database where you see “Title,” “Authors,” “Source,” “Document Type,” etc. This permalink typically ends in “…ehost-live&scope=site.” For assistance with the persistent link, more instructions are found in Additional Information in the Course Guides and Assignment Instructions folder.

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