Discuss the potential organizational challenges and problems that you anticipate in Volkswagen Mexico  and the strategies that you would use to meet these challenges. 

you can discuss about the organizational structure that Volkswagen is implemented ie transnational company. and analyze the potential risk of volkswagen in Mexico. Compare with the strategy Volkswagen is applying in US and provide the strategies that you would use to meet the challenges in Volkswagen Mexico.

Please see the attachached information.

Base this analysis on the material below, i.e., discuss how the country characteristics (part A) and the company/subsidiary characteristics (part B) may create country- and organization-specific challenges and cause problems.

Please notice:  All content should be related to Volkswagen‘ subsidiries Mexico. Please discuss more about the specific internal organizational challenges like how specific organizations work together in the company, no need for the introduction for starbucks, no need broad analysis like political economic and cultural issue.

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