Review the 12 principles presented by Hardina et al. in the section titled “Humans Service Organizations and Empowerment” in Ch. 4 of Management of Human Service Programs. Additional resources may

be used.

Discuss the principles that characterize an empowerment approach to human service management.

Evaluate how you might apply these principles to the developmental processes of your own Ideal human service organization.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that applies the principles presented by Hardina et al. to your ideal human service organization.

Specifically, address the following:

How clients will be included in the organizational decision-making processes

How your ideal agency will decrease a sense of powerlessness among consumers and increase access and quality of services for clientele

The measures your ideal human service agency will take to ensure that diverse cross-cultural needs are met

The following areas of diversity: socioeconomic background, culture, age, gender, sexual identity, spirituality, disability, and other unique differences

The ideological belief systems of a manager who espouses empowerment for the overall agency, staff members, and clientele

How the concepts of team building and collaboration are met within the organization

The strategies for consistent evaluation of organizational efficacy that includes strategic feedback from clients, community constituency groups, and staff members within the agency

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