Intercultural Management
Discuss the role of social media in global business communication. Discuss the noise that might arise if a manager texts employees in the company he has started up in China. How have you witnessed the impact of social media in your place of work? Has it been a positive or negative impact?
Staffing Organizations
If you ask some managers about conducting job analyses, you may get a very negative response. Why do you think some organizations choose to not perform job analyses given their benefits?
Legal Aspects of Safety
Criminal prosecutions for violations of OSHA regulations can only result in a misdemeanor conviction with a maximum sentence of 6 months in prison. An employer can only be criminally prosecuted if a willful violation results in the death of an employee. Discuss why you believe these limitations are adequate or if you believe they should be increased. If you believe they should be increased, state what could be accomplished by increasing the penalties.

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