This week we concentrate on chapter 13 which focuses on case analysis.   Please note the difference between actually conducting a case analysis and the different decision making techniques that will enhance the process.   Understand the difference between the five steps involved in actually conducting the case analysis and the twelve chapters we covered over the past seven weeks that actually presented information which would be useful in the more effective process of case analysis.

Forum assignment:

Select ONE (1) of the questions below for this forum:

1 – Discuss the two primary methods to use conflict to improve decision making and give an example of when you would have used one of these techniques in your own work.   Use your own words and do not copy definitions from the text.

2 – Discuss the importance of strategic case analysis and the five steps involved.  Give an example of when you have used a strategic case analysis or when you might use it.  Use your own words and do not copy from the text.

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