Pick one of the following options to answer the question. At least 350 words.

Option A: Discuss what is meant by Western Imperialism. Provide examples from the readings/lectures (PowerPoint). Why did the west become so interested in Asia, when, and then why was the West frustrated or limited in Asia?

Option B: Discuss WWII in Asia and the impact of the war on Korea, China, and Japan. This is a huge question; what I am looking for is a general summary of what you believe to be the central features of the war and the consequences of the war on Asia – what changed/what stayed the same in the culture. You can focus on India, Korea, or China, or Japan, or Vietnam.  You are the director.

Option C: Asia has undergone massive changes in the modern period. Pick one Asian nation we have studied. What were some of the most important changes, who led the way to these changes, and what consequences would you say were the most important and why? But perhaps more important, what has remained the same?

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