This is your chance to create a multicultural project that you could use with your students. The project should include at least 3 English Language Proficiency Standards (CCSSO, 2014), and should focus on celebrating and learning about the different cultures in the world.

You will focus your project on 4 out of the 7 goals listed in Multicultural Education in Your Classroom (Garcia, n.d.):

  • Creating a safe, accepting, and successful learning environment for all
  • Increasing awareness of global issues
  • Strengthening cultural consciousness
  • Strengthening intercultural awareness
  • Teaching students that there are multiple historical perspectives
  • Encouraging critical thinking
  • Preventing prejudice and discrimination

Your project can be in any format and for any age level. Include a description of the project, the goals, and the procedures.

  • Consider what students might do to have experiences with multicultural education.
    • The project could be an assignment the students need to complete in class.
    • It could be a major project they create (e.g., portfolio, presentation) and present to their class or the entire school.
  • Provide a 1-2 page explanation along with the project description that includes:
    • How this project will help bridge language and culture in the classroom as it relates to the four goals you have chosen to explore
    • The connection between the ELP standards you have chosen and your project
    • Your reasons for selecting the project goals
  • Ensure your project description is detailed so anyone can replicate it.

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