Metal-processing industry is an supporting industry such as metal-coating industry,offer processing to other industries.

Chpater 2. Business Model – A literature Review
Note: Business Models can be used to try to understand an existing business, but you are specifically reviewing the literature on how to CREATE a viable business model.

2.1?How to create a viable Business Model??2000word?

2.2?Overview of The Chinese stock market?For example?National Equities Exchange and Quotations?Shanghai Stock Exchange?Shenzhen Stock Exchange?what are they?What are the differences?How much is the size??500?

2.3?How Manufacturing industries can go list of Chinese stock Market?500??What are the requirements for go public?

Chpater 4. Introduction to the Metal-processing industry?Metal-coating industry? in China?3000words?
4.1 Insert your current chapter discussing the Metal-processing industry in China. Discuss the current competitors and their business models.?2500words?

4.2 Discuss what the role of government in setting a new metal-processing company.?500?

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