Mr. McMahon initially adjusted well to probation under the terms that you established and implemented. Unfortunately, after 8 months of clear conduct, he has now committed several violations of his conditions of supervision. Specifically, he failed to report in as instructed 2 days ago, and his most recent drug test, administered yesterday, was positive for cocaine. He also admitted to consuming about 10 beers on the day that he failed to report, noting that he did not come to the probation office because he was intoxicated. Given this information, do the following:

  • Discuss what you believe is the appropriate response to these violations of conditions. Should Mr. McMahon be returned to court for a possible revocation of probation, or should sanctions be administered in-house? Why?
  • Consider the impact of Mr. McMahon’s behavior on the community and public safety as well as the fiscal realities that are involved in incarcerating Mr. McMahon and other similarly situated offenders. Discuss the pros and cons of returning Mr. McMahon to jail or prison as well as the pros and cons of allowing Mr. McMahon to be continued on probation supervision.
  • How might graduated sanctions be utilized in a case such as this?

750 Words Due on Monday July 25,2016

You have discussed Mr. McMahon’s case with your supervisor, and she agrees on your recommended course of action. She instructs you to inform the court of the violations that have been committed by Mr. McMahon in the form of a violation report, which will also include your recommendations. Your violation report should include the proper headings: “To,” “From,” “Date,” and “Re:.” The docket number and case file number should appear in the “Re:” section. Given what you know about Mr. McMahon, address the following in a Word document that is 750–900 words in length:

  • Create a formal violation report that provides the court with all of the necessary information. Your report should be addressed to Judge J. Stone of the Lynchburg Circuit Court, and it should include the following sections:
    • A narrative section for identifying information, which includes the original offense and disposition
    • A narrative section for the violation information, which will include a listing of conditions violated
    • A narrative section including your recommendations for the case
  • For the purpose of this assignment, Mr. McMahon’s court docket number is 12358, and his case file number is 34711. Base the time frame of the violations off of today’s date, and feel free to add detail to your memo, provided that it does not change the character

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