Discussion 1:

Discuss whether it would be an error to establish a Palestinian state. Consider the two positions presented in our book taking sides and the theories of internaitonal decision making raised in the readings this week. Do the Palestinians qualify as a distinct nation? Why should they/should they not have a separate state? How would this positively/negatively have an impact on international relations?

Discussion 2:

Discuss whether the United States should ratify the Convention to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. If you are a woman whose human rights are being abused, what avenuesd of recourse might you use to make your case?

Discussion 3:

Is the use of force necessary in International Relations? How can we identify an agressor in international conflicts? Is such identification important? Why or why not?

Discussion 4:

Discuss whether economic globalization is good for both rich and poor. What view do you support?

Discussion 5:

Discuss whether the Islamist movement threaten the decomcracy gained in the “Arab Spring”? Are islamic fundamentalists’ arguments a reaction to the globalization of cultures? Please explain.

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