Watch – Intervention – Brittany

  1. Reflection on the clip. Write your reaction and thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers, just write your thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and emotions from viewing the clip.
  2. Discuss how the family (all members) were impacted in the clip.
  3. Discuss what you would like to see happen with the issue of addiction.
  4. Discuss your role as a helping professional, family or community member if you knew someone was facing or experiencing the issue selected.

Provide your thoughts and feedback on the definition of family. Responses to the discussion board should be at least 7-10 sentences in length.

Part 2.

Find a video clip or television show on divorced, single-parent or stepfamilies. Provide the link to the clip you are referencing.

  • Identify what family structure you found in your clip – Single, Divorced, Stepfamily
  • Identify the stresses, strengths and challenges faced in the family structure you found. Provide examples you saw demonstrated in the clip.
  • Identify three resources or advice you would provide to the family structure you are examining.
  • Why do you think there are such negative views associated with divorced, single-parent and stepfamilies?
  • How do we go about changing the negative perspective others hold towards divorced, single-parent and stepfamilies?

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