Read the article “Cyber Security Risk: Perception vs. Reality in Corporate America” (Links to an external site.). After reading the article, please post your thoughts on the perception vs. reality of a cyber threat against a SCADA system. Please feel free to use real-world examples to support your claim.


Select one of the twenty-one steps to improve Cyber Security in Scada Networks (Links to an external site.) and explain the process/task and why it is important. Additionally, provide a real-world example of such a process/task.


Choose one of the following two topics and draft a 2-3 paragraph initial post. Include necessary references or any relevant personal experiences you may have that support your response.

  1. Assume you are assigned to deploy a wireless access point (WAP) or device at your place of employment. Discuss and review what security options should be changed immediately. Discuss at least one vulnerable wireless protocol.
  2. Discuss what types of events might require higher escalation, and how administrators might respond to different types of breaches. For example, how would an administrator most likely respond to a threat against a customer database versus a website with no confidential data?

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