After watching the movie, answer two of the following questions and respond to one person’s response

What do you think the turning point in the movie was?

Why was Logue so curious about the king’s personal life and so persistent in his attempts to get him to talk about it?

Is Logue’s blatant disrespect of the king’s position – such as calling him Bertie – a violation of the king’s integrity and the respect he is due?

How do the actors’ body language and expressions convey their individual feelings?

The movie we’re watching and discussing is The King’s Speech starring Colin Firth

And please responses to her responded :

The King’s Speech

The turning point of the movie is when Bertie becomes King. It’s obvious that he has to be able to address the nation – especially during a time of pending war. We wait to see how it will all turn out.

Logue was curious about the king’s personal life because he suspected that something personal from his past was the cause of his speech impediment. That’s why he was so persistent in getting him to talk about his personal past, his feelings about his parents and about his brother. I liked that the king finally shared details of his past during an unprovoked unguarded moment.

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