Below are 4 discussion questions. Each questions need at least one reference and be at least 250-300 words.

  1. Do you feel the evolution of assessment has helped in meeting the diverse needs of students today? Why or why not?
  2. Educators use assessments for a variety of reasons. Students may see the failure of a test as a personal reflection of their value. Grace, forgiveness, love, and mercy are common themes in the Bible. It is these gifts of God through Jesus that inspire Christians to move past their mistakes and strive for something better. In what ways can you employ grace, forgiveness, love, and mercy to those who struggle with failure in your classroom without ignoring the assessment results and the need for improvement?
  3. Explain the value of observation and portfolios in the early childhood classroom and the components of the observation cycle in chapter 4 (figure 4.1).
  4. Describe some ways that you see your cooperating teacher use informal evaluation measures for instructional planning. How does it differ for different children? How does your teacher’s experience and skills affect the quality of the information gained from observing the children?

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