assignment 1:

Watch the video at the link provided entitled “The World is Flat 3.0”. Friedman explains how technology has flattened the global business environment.   Write 1-2 pages (single spaced) in response to the video, being sure to answer the following questions:

Do you agree or disagree with Friedman’s assessment that the world is flat? Be sure to justify your answer with examples from the video.

What are the potential impacts of a flat world for a student performing a job search? How might this impact your own job search?

What can you do to prepare yourself for competing in a flat world?

Read the Following:

assignment 2

Nicholas Carr – IT Doesn’t Matter  (Please Note: There are 8 parts to this article. You are required to read all 8–the link to the next part is at the bottom of each page)

IT Does Matter – by McFarlan and Nolan

In your opinion, does IT matter? Take a stand one way or the other and be sure to support your belief. Use specific examples from the articles to support your argument.

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